Bjoern Boettcher

Owner/Executive Pastry Chef

Bjoern Boettcher, from Hamburg, Germany is a long way from home. He started his pastry adventure at the young age of 14. After school he would rush to help out at his local pastry shop, Konditorei Rohde. Even though at first he was relegated to simple tasks such as peeling apples. He was enthralled by everything surrounding him from towering cakes, breads, ice creams, and last but not least the  magical chocolate work that he was forbidden to touch.
Bjoern eventually apprenticed at Konditorei Rohde learning traditional German pastry and classic pastry composition. He went on to work in St. Moritz, Switzerland, Munich, Germany, and eventually landed as pastry chef at The Manor located in New Jersey. Since then, he has worked in esteemed New York City fine dining kitchens such as Bouley, Cru, Blaue Gans , Ciano, The Lambs Club.

Greg Barbiero 

Owner / Executive Chef 

Greg Barbiero started on a different path as a scientist working in a lab as a biochemist. But it was his love of cooking that caused him to follow his passion and attend culinary school in Italy. After coming back to New York, he also in fine dining kitchens, but as a savory cook, at places such as Ciano (with Bjorn), Italian Kitchen, Saul and Maialino.